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Server Replication
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Geminare provides guaranteed Business Continuity for Xenos, with uninterrupted access to all critical data and applications in the event of an outage.
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Non-stop operations, total data protection. Geminare delivers a Server Replication service that deploys in just 24 hours, with no capital investment.
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Geminare Provides Guaranteed Business Continuity for Xenos, with Uninterrupted Access to All Critical Data and Applications in the Event of an Outage.

"Our customers have high service expectations of us, and since our operations span many different time zones, we are required to provide guaranteed services, around the clock."
Raymond Cheong
Director, Information systems
Xenos Group inc


Headquartered in Toronto, Canada Xenos has provided high-performance data and document management solutions to global Fortune 1000 companies for more than 25 years. Xenos improves operational efficiency, enhances business processes, reduces risk for compliance management and increases employee productivity with lowered total cost of ownership both for the enterprise and for its customers.


Volume of Data Outstripped Back-up Capabilities
Compliance and cost became major issues for Xenos as the company's data sets became larger and larger. Tape back-up technology failed to keep pace with the sheer volume of data, with the result that weekend back-ups extended into the next week, with no guarantee that the process was current.

"We were working around the clock, all through the week and weekend as well," explains Raymond Cheong, Director of Information Systems at Xenos. "We were never sure if we were truly compliant because people continued to work with data, even during the back-up window."

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