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Why Cloud Hosting?
Benefits of Cloud Replication

Cloud Hosting means immediate, flexible, affordable on demand infrastructure

OnDemand Compute Resources, also known as Cloud Computing or Virtual Instances allows you to subscribe to underlying infrastructure such as disk, ram and CPU as and when you need it.

Flexible, an absolute key to Cloud Hosting, allows you to scale up and down the amount of Compute Resources necessary for your applications, environment and users. This scalability provides the most flexible and efficient use of resources.

Affordable, an underlying requirement of the Cloud Hosting market means, no upfront costs, no hardware to deploy and a pay per use price model that provides the same technical resources you have come to expect but at a fraction of the cost.

Cloud Replication OnDemand a Shot in the Arm to Small and Midsized Enterprises

The economic downturn has meant a dramatic increase in the number of SMBs embracing On Demand Software (SaaS), according to a recent study by AMI-Partners.

Among the first applications to be adopted in the OnDemand model is data backup including recovery and business continuity. Why?

Corporate Requirements, have become stronger and more onerous as IT management continues to struggle with overtaxed staff and lowering budgets. Utilizing the more affordable and instantly available On Demand Replication model allows IT management and staff to cut weeks potentially months from the deployment time.

Business Requirements, have dramatically changed from a user base which would tolerate small pockets of downtime for maintenance to a user base that is so reliant on technology and up time that even a single disruption is both costly and painful. Server Replication technology has only recently become available to the Midsized market in a model and price point that are accessible thanks to Cloud Replication.

Technology Availability, have never been accessible to this degree of capability in the small and mid-market. With the advances in Cloud hosting and Cloud compute, companies are now able to compete with their enterprise counterparts.

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